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Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana, one of the oldest techniques of meditation practiced in India, was rediscovered by the Gautama the Buddha around 2500 years ago. He taught this technique for about 45 years to his disciples and freed them from the bondage of pain, suffering and fear. Over the time his disciples carried the technique over to the neighboring counties such as Myanmar—erstwhile Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand and so on.

The knowledge of the technique of Vipassana, however, disappeared from India nearly five centuries after Buddha.  The torch lit by the Buddha was kept alive by some of his devoted disciples in other countries particularly Burma. The teachings of Vipassana were preserved by a chain of devoted teachers and they were transferred to the dedicated lineage of successive generations in their pristine purity. The modern teacher of the technique of Vipassana , Mr, S, N. Goenka, was born and bred in Burma. It was here that he was fortunate enough to learn the technique from his Burmese teacher Sayagyi U Ba Khin, a high Government official of his time. Later on Mr. Goenka shifted to India and started teaching the technique of Vipassana in 1969. Since then he has taught this invaluable art of living to thousands of people of all races and communities in India and abroad. In 1982, his trained disciples started helping him to meet the growing demand of Vipassana techniques to the other parts of the world particularly the Western countries and the USA.

Vipassana is a simple and practical way to achieve real and lasting peace of mind and happiness by seeing things as they really are. This process of self-observation leads to mental and physical purification. It eliminates the frustration and disharmony from our life. This technique librates us from suffering and its deep seated causes and takes us to our highest spiritual goal through a step-by-step approach. The liberation from fear helps the practitioners attain high levels of achievements in all the spheres of human activity.

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