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Vipassana Meditation

The word ‘Vipassana’ has its origin in Sanskrit word Vipashayana which means seeing things exactly as they are without adding your own personal interpretations to it. Vipassana is one of ancient India’s most significant techniques of meditation. It was rediscovered by Gautama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago and was disseminated by him as the panacea of all human ills.
Vipassana is a non-sectarian technique and its objective is to eradicate all the mental impurities and bring about highest kevels of happiness. The ultimate objective of Vipassana is to liberate human beings from the self-created bondage of pain and suffering. Vipassana not only heals the mental illness, it also purifies the physical body.

The practice of Vipassana leads to self-transformation through self-observation.  The practitioner concentrates on the profound interconnection between the mind and the body. This relationship can be viewed and understood directly by the disciplined and rigorous focus on the physical sensations that are an integral part the life of our body and continuously interconnect and condition the life of our mind. Vipassana is thus an observation-based self-exploratory journey to the common root of the body and the mind. Practice of Vipassana, therefore, dissolves mental impurity and leads to the formation of a balanced mind that is full of love and compassion.

The practitioners of Vipassana can clearly and objectively see their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and judgments. They understand through their direct and personal experience the process of growth or regression. They learn what causes suffering and how one can liberate oneself from that suffering. A practitioner of Vipassana has an increased level of awareness. He harbors no delusions and enjoys peace through self-control.

Vipassana, in fact, teaches the real art of living peacefully and blissfully through the development of a detached observation of the so-called pains and pleasures of the world.


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