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Meditation to Relax

This meditation is to allow the mind to relax
To relax the mind
We need to let go of stresses
That is causing friction within
As we begin to relax the mind
Try to visualize
That you are sitting on the banks of a stream
And I am a peaceful observer
And the stream is flowing with the thoughts in my mind
Some positive some negative
Some necessary some unnecessary
But I relax
And just watch the thoughts flow by
Like a stream
I watch these thoughts
And I realize that I am separate from them
And I am relaxed knowing that
I just let them flow by
And do not get attached to the thoughts
Sitting on the bank of the river
Like an observer
I can experience a deep relaxation
For I do not need to worry
About each and every thought in my mind
I let the negative thoughts pass
And enjoy the positive ones
And I am the observer of my mind
And as I am the observer
I choose to relax with positive feelings
And the more these relaxed feelings in my heart
I notice the gradual change of thoughts
The change from the polluted negative stream
To a clear flowing stream of positive thoughts
Thoughts such as that I am relaxed and peaceful
No matter what thoughts are in my mind
Or in the mind of the others
For I am a relaxed peaceful observer
Calm concentrated detached

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