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Love All Equally Meditation

Free meditations has recieved this meditation from one of our website visitors. We greatly feel that everyone can learn from our friend Ian's "Love All Equally Meditation".


I realy enjoyed the meditations you have posted. I though I could contribute a couple I have been using with my students.(I'm a maths teacher in a secondary International school)

Love All Equally Meditation (to be done as a group)

Sitting comfortably, on the floor cross legged or on a chair with feet flat on the ground. Rest your hands palm down on your knees and connect the thumb and the index finger.

Take a look around the room and take a mental photo of everyone in the room, where they are sat, etc.

Close your eyes and take three consecutive deep breaths.
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Return to breathing normally

Be aware of the breath coming in and the breath coming out. Feel the air coming in through your nostrils and going out.

If thoughts arise, don't fight them, just observe them as if they where distant clouds, and they will eventually fly by. Just focus on your breath, for 5-10 minutes

Now, recall that mental image of the room. Visualize peoples faces.
Now bring to mind a person whom you love intensly, like, your mum, you, girl/boy friend, Husband/wife.

Think of how warm this person makes you feel, their kindness and their generosity.

Imagine that everybody's face in the room, transforms into the face of your loved one.

The room is filled by loved ones, imagine how nice the world would be if everyone was this nice, this loving, this kind.

Just, focus on your breath and sit in the company of your loved ones.for a while.

Realise that everyone is in fact capable of such love and kindness, for we are all equal, we are all made of the same vibrating energy, that is the fabric of the universe.

You become aware that you can feel love towards anyone in the same way as you love your mum, dad, etc, for they are the same.

Sit observing your breath come in, and go out

When you are ready you may open your eyes, and sit in quiet contemplation.

Hope this was as enjoyable for you as it is for me.

Meditation by Ian Radcliffe

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