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Free Healing Meditation

I sit in a comfortable position
And I begin to feel my mind relaxing
I forget the past
And my imagined future
Now it is time to focus
On my own well being
And I visualize myself stepping out of my physical body
And feel my self being up above
And looking down on my physical body
And I begin to feel myself
Radiating a healing golden light
To myself
And I focus this golden light onto my heart
And I now feel this light radiating
And following the heart thru to all the veins and arteries
And I visualize this golden light
Going to the heart and filling Every vein with golden healing light
And I feel and see this golden healing light flowing through every part of my physical body
And everywhere that this light touches it is healing and rejuvenating
and it feels very positive

It is cleaning away toxins and injecting new life and energy
Into my physical body
Because I love my self
And I want to experience health and happiness
And now I focus in on the stomach
And I send a golden green light
To relax and heal the stomach
And I see the light being absorbed
Into the body
And becoming light energy
And filling the body with this golden green light
And it is transforming the light into energy
My body is filled with this golden energy
And healing every part of my being
And my body is filled with this golden healing light
And now I send blue light
To all the other organs
And I feel this blue light
Healing them and filling my body with this beautiful relaxing blue light
And I talk to this body filled wit blue golden light and I say
That I care for you, and I will heal you
Because I love you
Because you are the chariot for my soul
And with this blue golden light it removes all
Toxins and any negative energies
And I see my body as being healthy
In the present and in the future
And I radiate out this blue golden healing light
To the whole world
And wish good health and happiness from me to every person in the wo

Website Visitor Feedback

Congratulations on a wonderful website. I am currently housebound with ME which is far more debilitating than the general public are aware. Fortunately I have found so much invaluable information and techniques to use through your website. I am truly grateful and just want to say Thank you so much.  
Denise Emery


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