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Meditation is a comprehensive word that stands for deep introspection, mulling, self arguing, drawing    a balance sheet of all the actions of our life and making plans to revamp it. Meditation also involves some thinking and breathing exercises to silence the turbulent mind and give it a new and positive direction. Meditation eliminates all the negative feelings and emotions such as jealousy, greed, lust, anger and so on that torment us day and night. Initially meditation should be performed under the guidance of some self realized and elevated guru or guide.

The best environment for meditation is one that is peaceful, sedative, relaxing, soothing and surrounded by raw nature. Usually meditation retreats are located among cool, serene and natural surroundings, by the side of lakes, rivers or atop mountains. This is what an ideal retreat aims to be.

A retreat, therefore, is a place where you retire for rest, relaxation and meditation. Obviously these mental and physical exercises can only be enjoyed at some place which is far from the madding crowds’ ignoble strife.

Meditation retreat, therefore, provides you a treat for your tired body and senses. It recharges, rejuvenates and reinvigorates the mind, the spirit and the body of the participant through lectures, programs, demonstrations, discussions and seminars on vital issues of life which are usually ignored and forgotten in the relentless pursuit of money, power and mundane pleasures. Meditation retreats are equally beneficial for those who are not religiously inclined, or, are not interested in spiritual part of meditation. A short stay in a calm and relaxing environment in the lap of nature itself balms and softens the taut nerves, more so when you are made to do some physical and breathing exercises. You are so treated that you tend to forget your day to day worries which by itself contributes to your vitality and health.

A meditation retreat can be a short stay of 24 hours on weekends and can be long enough to last for a few weeks and even months. Usually retreats are held in spacious and beautifully landscaped buildings which are fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities including air-conditioning and heating for comfortable living. There are dining halls, self contained bed rooms, mediation halls, lecture and entertainment theaters, and seminar rooms, besides open spaces and so on.

Participants in the meditation retreats are provided vegetarian diet and are expected to observe certain code of strict discipline and daily routine.

You are expected to get up at a certain fixed hour early in the morning, sometimes, even as early as 3.30 A.M. After the morning ablutions you are expected to sit in a room and meditate in complete silence, say, for an hour or so. After some break, you are again expected to attend the guided meditation classes followed by lectures delivered by the gurus or the experienced and self-realized persons. The lectures are usually devoted to the real aim of life and how to make it truly happy and peaceful. This is followed by breakfast and some rest. Again the participants gather in some lecture hall where interactive sessions are held.

Discourses on a certain subject are delivered and the participants are expected to express their opinions and problems and seek clarifications. The program goes on till the lunch time followed by rest in the afternoon. Again the same routine starts up in the afternoon sessions with different guides and teachers delivering lectures and moderating discussions. There are interludes for supper followed by dinner. The day ends with some entertainment or cultural program. By around 10 PM everybody is asleep. Participants are kept happily busy throughout the day.

The meditation retreats cannot run without money. So some meditation retreats charge fees for boarding and lodgings, while there are many others that run purely on voluntary donations, which means that those who cannot really afford are not deprived of the benefits of the meditation retreat.

Meditation Retreats & their Benefits


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