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Equipping individuals to deal with stressful situations by accepting them and being aware of them, Mindfulness Meditation is an effective and miraculous technique of meditation against life’s problems and situations.

True, stress, anger, disappointments, frustrations, and other negative emotions adversely affect our minds and even bodies. Such negative emotions and actions should be dealt effectively and set-backs should be accepted without injuring our health. Mindfulness Meditation is that medicine which helps to deal with negative emotions and situations in the most effective manner.

Mindfulness Meditation, also referred to as Insightful Meditation, requires or allows individuals to be aware of their surroundings, to develop a sense of sensitivity in perceiving every moment, and enabling them to accept stressful situations, instead of avoiding them. By being aware of the inner state of our minds during Mindfulness Meditation, we can accept difficult situations in our lives without much resistance.

Through the practise of Meditation, we can train our minds to achieve a state of tranquillity, without being disturbed by outside forces. Mindfulness Meditation helps in training and developing the strengths of the mind to achieve this peacefulness.

One can practise Mindfulness Meditation by sitting in an appropriate upright position, cross-legged, and focussing on our breath or anything else, such as mental and physical processes which help us in becoming aware of our present thought patterns and inner state.

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation focuses our attention on our thoughts, actions, and present moments non-judgmentally. It does not encourage evaluating or thinking on our past actions and neither does it take our thoughts to the uncertain future. Mindfulness Meditation helps and trains our mind from getting distracted by outside disturbances and enables us to focus our thoughts and relax the mind.

Mindfulness Meditation can be conducted or practised through informal and formal techniques. While formal Mindfulness Meditation involves Yoga, in which there is a control and awareness of breathing patterns with appropriate body movements, informal Mindfulness Meditation includes taking into account each experience in life with relish and enjoyment.

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique of introspection or insight through which we can obtain a clear picture of our thoughts and inner states, focus our thoughts, and even train our mind to perceive things and situations more effectively.


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