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Famous Meditators

People differ in a lot of ways especially in dealing with situations in life. Some take it seriously and could end up all burnt out while others take things lightly and lead stress-free lives. This is exactly what spells the difference between famous meditators and those who do not know the importance of meditation. It could be uncommon knowledge but there are now a lot of people who have proven and experienced how meditative practices could actually change your life. Even famous celebrities and figures resort to meditation and could attest how a calmer and peaceful state of mind could do a lot of wonders on how you deal with life.

Deepak Chopra is one of the renowned people who practices meditation and continuously advocates this practice. He is originally from New Delhi India and migrated in the United States. He is a famous writer, public speaker and the former directing officer of the infamous Indian health resource known as the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center. Chopra is well-known for his ageless body and outstanding principles in life which is rooted from the practice of holistic methods such as meditation. One of his many premises includes the importance of meditative practices in combating aging and its symptoms. He also believed that uncontrollable worrying is one of destructive forces of nature. He states that worry is the least productive emotion which is also known as chronic anxiety.

There are innumerable other people who are famous and use meditation as their integral practice in life. Meditation is focus and relaxed mental state which manifests its results in the way of life of people. Famous meditators are known not only for their ability to meditate but by the fruits of their meditative practices.


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