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Transcendental Meditation ®

Transcendental Meditation
® is formed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This meditation is defined as “turning our attention inwards to ourselves and our subtler level of thoughts until our mind transcends the experience of the subtlest state if thought and arrives at the source of thoughts” (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

Steps in TM® Meditation

Step 1 : Sit comfortably
Step 2 : Close your eyes.
Step 3 : Engage in effortless mental repetition of a special sound for approx
twenty minutes, twice daily.

Note: The special sound in step 3 indicates the sound that is found in the TM mantra, which are not recorded down, instead they are passed down through word of mouth.

Practicing TM ®Meditation does not clash with religious belief nor does it require any changes from your lifestyle.

Benefits of TM® Meditation

i) alert watchfulness
ii) increased blood flow
iii) improved learning environment
iv) lessen anxiety and hostility
v) improve therapeutic progress among people who are seeking therapy

*TM and Transcendential meditation is a registered trademark of the Transcendental Meditation Association

Please note the above meditation is not a free meditation.

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