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MP3 is an abbreviated form of MPEG-1 or Moving Picture Expert Group. MP3 is a popular digital audio compression and encoding format that substantially reduces the audio recording data while faithfully reproducing the original audio quality. Being digital in nature, MP3 is more amenable to recording, mass production and distribution of music online through internet. MP3 music is more easily, freely and cheaply available as data files on the internet than as physical objects like hard discs. You just need to log on to the MP3 site and hear the music of your choice. Of course, Mp3 recordings on compact discs are also available for offline hearing at your convenience.

The basic objective of meditation is to develop concentration and focus on more positive and creative thoughts and ideas. Meditation clears the mind of the useless clutter of negative and self destructive thinking.

But the process of meditation is easier said than done. It is the very nature of mind to get distracted easily. It is difficult for it to stay still and focused on just one subject, that too of abstract, subtle and spiritual nature which has no material relevance. The exercise in meditation, at least at the initial stages, requires some prompting, guidance and prodding to the subject. That is where the guided meditation mp3 comes in. You do not need to visit the center of some guru. His guidance is available on the mp3s.

Guided meditation mp3s consist of two approaches.

One, as the title indicates, the process of meditation is guided. The guru or the guide speaks on how to meditate. He leads in the process and you are expected to follow him. The process of meditation has multiple approaches which depend upon your background and beliefs. Meditation can be taken up even by those who are non-believers or atheists. Nonetheless, you need guidance if only to keep your mind on track, which is what, the meditation aims at.

An example of the subject of guided meditation may be the journey of soul and its relationship with the supreme power, or, the way to connect with the supreme power. The guided discourse may dwell upon this topic in slow, sweet, persuasive manner and lead you to actually believe and experience the process and realize the bliss as a result of that journeying in imagination. The guidance is born out of personal experience of the guide and is therefore powerful in its impact. It does not allow you mind to go astray.

The guided meditation may help you see in your inner world and develop new perspectives on looking at your life, relationships and its problems.

The guided meditation may take the form of positive affirmations or mantras. You may be asked to repeatedly affirm while you inhale or exhale the breath: The breath I am taking in is revitalizing me. It is curing me of such and such ailment and so on.

Meditation techniques may vary from person to person. Guided meditation leads provided through the mp3s develop into natural habit formation. They become an integral, easy and natural part of your thinking habits in course of time. A stage is achieved when the mp3s can be dispensed with.

The second approach in guided meditation may involve the use of sweet, soothing, mellifluous and soulful music which may be either instrumental or vocal. In case of vocal music, the theme of the songs may relate to the subject of your beliefs, whether secular or religious. Sweet music has the power to mould the mind and help in concentration. The repeated refrains after each stanza are positive affirmations by themselves. Music lends you wings that can carry you away to distant realms, beyond the stars and galaxies. You are taken away from the heart eating anxieties of your day to day life. You feel uplifted with joy, peace and bliss that is altogether different from the false and transient pleasures of this world.

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