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Benefits of Meditation

Here are some proven benefits of meditating regularly:

  • Increased Telomerase - The Shamatha Project is the most comprehensive longitudinal study of intensive meditation ever to be undertaken. The study looks at the relationship of meditation to increased levels of telomerase which leads to a number of beneficial psychological qualities such as perceived control (over one's life and surroundings), mindfulness (being able to observe one's experience in a nonreactive manner) and purpose in life (viewing one's life as meaningful, worthwhile and aligned with long-term goals and values).
  • Telomerase and Anti-Aging - The telomerase theory of aging is based on the ‘immortalizing’ powers of the enzyme telomerase, an enzyme found only in germ cells and cancer cells. Research shows that this enzyme ca repair and replace Telomerase thereby manipulating the "clocking" mechanism that controls the life span of dividing cells.

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Be a light to others and you wont stumble on your own path. Meditation is a process of careful thought consideration.

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