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Sahaj Marg Meditation

What is Sahaj Marg?

There are many systems of meditation that exist in the world today, each having different objectives and intentions. Sahaj Marg, meaning “natural path” is the ancient teaching of spiritual training, basing itself on the heart-centered meditation, simplified and modified for people of today’s world. This is a simplified practice, with no rituals or ceremonies, and the power of thought is the only thing used to reach the spiritual goal of complete oneness with the Ultimate.

Meditation is the continuous thought and concentration on one thing, and the founding fathers of Sahaj Marg understand that we meditate on that of which we choose to become. And therefore, with the guidance and spiritual support of the spiritual beliefs that we possess, practitioners meditate on the Divine Presence in the heart as the most direct means of achieving those specific goals.

Integrating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being, the practice of Sahaj Marg encourages people to maintain their routine working life and family.

Cleansing: The teachings of the Sahaj Marg lead us to believe that everything we do and think leave everlasting impressions on both our minds and hearts. During the course of our lifetime, these subconscious impressions build up and begin to deepen into our normal tendencies, conditioning our behavior, therefore preventing us from realizing the potential that can be gained from our spiritual growth.

The Sahaj Marg’s meditation

Sahaj Marg Teachings recognize that throughout one’s meditation stages, the subconscious impressions are not removed; instead they are like seeds laying in wait until the time to bloom is right. The Sahaj Marg offers very specific techniques, known as cleansing, to remove these sorts of tendencies that we possess and prepare the receiver to receive transmission.

Transmission: this is the other essential and unique element of the teachings of the Sahaj Marg. It is the transfer of energies from the Spirits to the Aspirant. This long sleeping technique is known as pranahuti in Sanskrit, and was rediscovered by the Grand Master of the previous century. The spirits, who are merged with the ultimate, is thus able to transmit the spiritual essence into the deepest level of the Aspirants heart.


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