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Sahaj Marg Meditation

Meditation is the act of thinking continuously about one thing. In meditation, one is receptive, while in focusing, one uses the will. The ability to enhance concentration is a positive byproduct of meditation.

Sahaj Marg morning meditation

Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, and possess the thought that our heart is filled with the Divine Light. Sitting comfortably is recommended because during the meditation session, you do not want the body to fault and ruin your concentration, so choose a position that you know you will be comfortable with in the next hour. We sit comfortably only so that we are not bothered by our bodies during meditation. If we become uncomfortable, we may change positions.

But do not lie down and meditate, as the relaxation will put us to sleep.

Regarding the light in the heart, we are not to see it or try and see any light in the heart, as it is merely a supposition that the light is there. The prescribed thought should only be for one hour no less.

As we are all human, when we first sit down to meditate, we will have some sort of disturbing thought. We must learn not to attend to those thoughts but ignore them. So in ignoring the thought, you will see that it will just drop off.

This is where it is necessary to know that all thoughts come from inside us, our own thoughts, in the form of samskaras. If we choose to attend to these thoughts when they rise, they will become powerful, multiplying and eventually go back inside. But when we do not attend to them, we allow them to fall away, thus the inner store of Subconscious impressions become exhausted quickly. This is how we reach the state of thoughtlessness during meditation. However you must remember that thoughtlessness is not our goal.

This covers the morning meditation, apart from the fact that it must be performed before sunrise.

Evening Cleaning

Sit for about a half hour, with a suggestion to yourself that all complexities, impurities including grossness and darkness are leaving the whole system through the back in the form of smoke or vapor, and that in their place, the Divine Light is entering your heart. Do not meditate on those things we wish to eradicate, simply brush them off, and then follow the same meditation.


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