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Sahaj Marg Meditation

Sahaj Marg is a natural method based on meditation, by which the mind becomes regulated and refined into an instrument capable of evolving to the highest possible spiritual condition.
Family life is considered as the ideal training ground for spirituality. This is where we learn to develop patience, self-discipine, love and sacrifice - all qualities deemed essential for spiritual growth.

Sahaj Marg meditation teaches that every human faculty has legitimate function and that the proper use of all our faculties leads to a balanced life. Thus there are no dogmas or rigid methods of austerity to be followed.

The Sahaj Marg meditation practice is open to all, irrespective of race, sex or religion. The sole criterion is willingness to practice and the ability to regulate one's mind.

What is the best time of day to do the Sahaj marg morning meditation?

At the time when night meets day, i.e. at Dawn, when Nature is in a state of balance. When we meditate at this time, the outside world resonates with the inner state of balance, and our progress is more rapid.

How do we meditate?

We sit in a comfortable position, with eyes closed, and have the thought that the heart is filled with divine light. We are not required to see the heart, nor are we required to imagine the heart.

Why do we meditate on divine light?

Divine light is the closest thing imaginable to the completely abstract, with no material qualities, and thus to our spiritual goal of oneness with the Absolute, God or inner Self.

Why do we meditate on the heart?

Our Teachers have given three reasons. The heart is the seat of life, and so we meditate on the source of life itself. The heart purifies our blood and distributes it through our body. The purification of the system thus commences from the heart.

Do we need a goal or purpose for meditation?

Meditation must always have a goal or purpose. In Sahaj Marg, the goal is oneness with the Absolute, through the process of spiritual evolution. We meditate with a receptive and prayerful attitude.

Do we need to concentrate?

While meditating, we should not force the mind into concentrating on divine light in the heart. The process of meditation is natural and subtle. By regularly meditating, the mind will naturally become single-pointed, so concentration naturally results from meditation without force.

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