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Meditation Techniques

Meditation can issue out positive thoughts in one’s mind. With a healthy mind presents a healthy body. A person may achieve the best of his/her abilities when there is proper relaxation of both. People in different places have utilized various meditation techniques. It is known that meditation has evolved over ages. The different meditation techniques can be utilized by people with certain personalities. It is like fitting a dress. If the meditation technique suits you well, you should pick it out and try it on.

Stated below are some meditation techniques you can try out. These techniques are highly executable by most people.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation deals with the discovery of the chakras present in one’s spiritual body. The beginners are supposed to explore the chakras in him/her. This is done with the use of instructors, knowledgeable with finding the chakras. The chakras are then waken up in a gently way. From there, the chakras will be balanced and integrated among each other.
One should remember that there are certain side effects in awakening the Chakras. One may use too much mental energy while waking it up. Thus, excessive use of energy may cause problems to those people who do not have too much of it. Physical activities must be done in order to strengthen his/her energy for Chakra awakening.

Raj Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation attempts one to enjoy the meditation process in a joyful or blissful way. It can be a fun and enlightening experience. It elevates one’s mind in raising the mental power he/she has. It also attempts to eliminate negative thoughts and bad habits. This meditation also allows one to strengthen a relationship with his/her God. The person meditating must be able to find his/her way to God without worldly activities.
This meditation can provide one a much better way to obtain discipline in life. It allows you to look into life as something valuable and must not be wasted. Every part of the time is an essential component of life. Thus, one should utilize time wisely. It triggers one’s need of self-development in life while the person can still do it.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation deals with the use of stating powerful words. These words are stated by the person undergoing meditation. The word “mantra” means sound. Sounds are created in combination which will develop spontaneous words for one to state properly. This meditation technique deals with repeating specific sounds in order to attain a certain meditation state.
The sounds produce powerful vibrations. These vibrations are like chakras which will attract divine forces. This will be able to attack, in a positive way, the person meditating in a form of healing. Healing is done either emotionally, spiritually or psychologically. Mantra meditation lets one to chant words in a corresponding rhythm.

There are still many meditation techniques for one to work with. These three are just one of the popular meditation techniques available. Nonetheless, one is free to explore the three, opt to combine it or provide some additional steps for a better meditation experience.


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