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More Meditation Techniques

There many ways to practice meditation. It may be carried in different contexts. Thus, meditation has evolved over the years. Many countries have formulated their own way of meditating. It was practiced by a number of religious traditions aiming for the betterment of one’s state of mind.

Meditation has focused on increasing one’s performance in activities. This involves improving one’s physical, mental and emotional strength. There are many studies that have shown meditation to be beneficial for a person’s health. It was seen to improve the person’s blood pressure, brain activity, metabolism, etc. With this, some medical institutions have required meditation in some of their therapies. Meditation can relieve the stresses and anxiety one can experience.

Here are some types of meditation. There are many types of meditation. Nonetheless, here are just the basic ones which people can try out during normal days.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindful meditation is a practice of Buddhists which deals with a person’s insights. This type of meditation focuses on what is happening around you. It also deals with being aware with your surroundings and what are the thoughts revolving in your head. The mind must be able to open your feelings because it must jive with your thoughts.

Walking meditation

This type meditation is being aware of how your breathing goes. You need to know how you breathe and how it can affect your personality. Breathing involves being in a comfortable position with eyes closed. You may also pay attention to your surroundings once you reach full inner peace. You must know how to breathe slowly through your nose. The breathing should reach your diaphragm which will let the oxygen fill the bottom of your lungs. This needs intense focus in letting the air going in and out of your air passage.

Transcendental meditation

This type of meditation involves reading out mantras. It is a chant which allows the person meditating to reach a dream-like state of mind. This trains one’s mind in focusing especially when he/she normally loses focus during distracting times. In some places, this type of meditation will let you find your peace through mastering a catch phrase or word.

Empty mind meditation

This type of meditation lets you empty out all your thoughts from you mind. You are bound to rest it and allow peaceful thoughts to run in your mind. You must not let these thought run or take over your life. You may start by sitting properly, closing your eyes and little by little let the thoughts go out.



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