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Meditation Retreats & their Benefits

A meditation retreat is a place where you retire to take rest, relax and reinvigorate yourself through meditation. A meditation retreat is usually a beautifully landscaped area set amongst scenic surroundings of natural beauty. Retreat areas are generally located far away from the ignoble strife of the madding crowds.  They have residential quarters, dining rooms, and meditation or prayer halls, lecture or seminar rooms and outdoor or indoor exercise areas equipped with modern facilities.  The period of stay can be one day usually the weekend, but it may even last up to a week or ten days.

People joining the meditation retreats are expected to observe certain amount of discipline such as abstaining from worldly discussions, noisy conversation, strict schedules in respect of daily routines, sleeping, dining, abstaining from non-vegetarian diets and alcoholic drinks, smoking and so on.

Meditation exercises during the period of retreat are usually guided by the experts or gurus who specialize in meditation. An effort is made to divert the attention from the outside world to inside the heart so as to look for deeper truths about human nature, thoughts and feelings and give them a positive direction towards self realization.

The guests are expected to observe periods of silence to enable them to reflect on the higher aspects of human nature, values and objectives of life. This helps restore the balance and peace of mind which remains disturbed in the daily struggles of existence.

The silent meditation also connects the person to the perennial and infinite source of love, truth and goodness. Meditation in peaceful surroundings recharges the sense of wellbeing and infuses new strength to face the day to day problems that confront and unnerve everyone. The participants are encouraged to develop positive responses to difficult situations in work and relationships.

They are provided ample time and space to rest and explore the beautiful surroundings around the venue of retreat. There are libraries and reading rooms where the guests can study and contemplate in complete solitude.

Some times the retreats are organized for special types of groups of professionals such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers, businessmen, management specialists, social workers, administrators, politicians and so on. They learn the meaning, relevance and application of spirituality in their professions.
 It may be noted that even big business groups including  banks and  financial institutions where the administrators and management executives remain tense and in some cases develop psychiatric problems due to the nature of their work that involves meeting the targets and deadlines for results in  growth and productivity, go for such retreats to learn the techniques of relaxation and positive thinking. Lectures and guidance in meditation and relaxation exercises help the participants to increase their productivity without suffering from the tensions that are usually associated with the high strung nature of their work.

Participants in meditation retreats are encouraged to understand the virtues of self management leadership which provides a framework for personal life planning and reordering of priorities. Lectures in self management help the individuals in re-adjusting and re-aligning with the fast changing scenario in every walk of life. They are encouraged to develop self esteem and self control and learn new attitudes and behavior. The meditation helps them develop clear focus in their life and career. It teaches them to own responsibility for their actions and their consequences and not to blame others such as God, circumstances or their fate.  Meditation helps the participants to improve the overall quality of their life by developing new perspectives. They learn to understand their strengths and weakness and develop strategies to deal with the challenges and complex situations in their life and professions. Meditation retreats, in short, recharge the spent out life batteries of the participants.


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