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More on Guided Meditations

Meditation, like any other physical or mental exercise requires guidance at least at the initial stages. We know that everybody can run. We do not think we require any guidance or technique to understand how to run. Still, we have specialists and coaches who train the athletes who want to run fast and successfully.

If meditation means thinking or contemplating, everybody meditates, but few know how to meditate or think positively, creatively and gainfully. Thoughts are like food. While good and healthy thoughts like wholesome food build our body and mind, negative thoughts like bad food damage our mental and physical health. Most people think or meditate negatively and harm themselves rather than doing any good.

Some try to concentrate during meditation, but their mind runs away here and there. They do not know how to control this monkey. Even though you keep sitting, say, in lotus posture all the time, you fail in your objective of meditation, which is, to feel relaxed, peaceful and happy.

The solution to this problem is that you need to be guided in your meditation so that your mind does not keep wandering away like a stray cow in the forest. Guided meditation is, therefore, not only essential to keep your mind on track, but you are also guided on what and how to think about.

The best form of guided meditation is to sit in front of a guru or a master and follow his guidance. He can watch your eyes and other facial expressions and know whether or not you are genuinely meditating. He may suggest corrections if you make mistakes while doing meditation. Moreover, you may also ask questions if you feel any difficulty in following his guidance. Some gurus ask the disciples to maintain an eye contact with them in course of the meditation sessions. This helps the subjects to keep their mind in focus. Moreover, an exalted and realized master has built up a reservoir of yogic power which he can transfer through his eye contact to the learner and empower him to meditate with greater concentration and benefit.

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