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Some More Benefits of Meditation

Yoga and meditation have become the buzzwords of the health conscious people across the globe.  Business, career and relationship related tensions and worries are killing our peace of mind. No amount of medication through tranquilizers and sedatives can provide any sustainable relief. It is now universally accepted that we should take to meditation if we want to cope with the stressful times.

Meditation is a creative process that relaxes the taut nerves and muscles of our body and rejuvenates our dissipated mental and physical energies.

We do not try to judge, analyze or criticize the people and the situations around us when we are doing meditation. In fact we suspend our intellectual kind of thinking during the meditation. Some teachers even suggest that we stop thinking at all and try to keep our mind still and quiet, though that is a difficult exercise. Instead, we are told to conjure up beautiful visions and experiences that give peace and happiness to our mind. We feel a kind of expansion in our consciousness, which brings us the real inner peace and joy. The most valuable feature of this kind of meditation is that our peace and joy are not dependent upon the external circumstances. Our joy becomes self generated. It comes to us from our own spiritual resources, from our own life.  Meditation helps us peel away our layers of ignorance and brings forth the light of our soul. A stream of joy and bliss starts flowing from an eternal source. Our existence is filled up with bliss and we can leave this world peacefully.

It must, however, be noted that you cannot learn to meditate creatively in a day or two. It requires a long, sustained and disciplined effort to control your mind, which is like a restless monkey. You cannot sit at a piano and start playing a Rachmaninov concerto from day one. It requires patience and practice to acquire concentration and focus, which are essential for deep and beneficial meditation.


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