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Reaching Goals with Positive Affirmations

People would always need something to lift them up. Problems, failures, and depressing situations are all parts of life. As they say, sometime you’re up and sometimes you’re down. For many, however, it seems like life is always on the down side. Maybe it is true that their problems are endless. However, it’s all about getting a whole new perspective and more motivation to improve the situation. And now that technology helps messages come to people instantly, it can be said that affirmations have become very effective in turning lives around.  

Affirmations are statements that pertain to specific situations with the purpose of adding positivity to a person’s state of mind. When they are repeated, they impress the subconscious, which is then triggered to act positively on the situation. Some people believe that affirmations do not work because they are just statements. That is true if one will take them as mere words and phrase. In order for affirmations to work, one must say them with interest, conviction, and the desire to make things better.  One of the most popular affirmations is “I can do it.”

Many people think that stating phrases do not really help at all because actions are what matter. However, positive affirmations tap into the subconscious to put the person in a more motivated and positive attitude, leading to action. Needless to say, negative thoughts and statements do exactly the opposite. Certain events and problems only get worse if one thinks the worst out of them and this leads to the thought that no course of action is worth trying anymore. Basically, it can be concluded that words, particularly affirmations, are triggers for actions. It’s always up to the person to make them harmful or helpful.

People are often not aware that they are being too negative about something. But, if one makes it a habit to state positive affirmations, there will be a bigger chance for him to make things better all the time until he reaches the top once again. Sometimes, results may not be as instant as those of other times.

Affirmations are best when they consist of fewer words or shorter phrases. Not only are they easier to remember and repeat, they also have a greater chance of working. It’s easier to feel the true meaning of an idea if there isn’t much to take in. They should also be said even during idle moments in the car or when waiting in line. A person may also allot a few minutes every day for stating positive affirmations.

There are also other guidelines in stating positive affirmations. It helps to take deep breaths first so that they can be said relaxingly. There should not be any emotional or mental tension because these elements can hinder one’s concentration. While affirmations are most helpful during times of distress, there are a lot of ways by which one can relax for the affirmation session. It is also best to affirm using the present tense.

Basically, affirmations help transform lives. Feeling the truth of what is being said will eventually make it true because the subconscious mind puts the body into action


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