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Music & Meditation 

One can experience comfort through listening in music. There are many psychological benefits one may obtain by listening to peaceful music. Along with this, one can attempt to please him/herself in meditating by adding a twist of music in the background. Music provides powerful energy that can enhance the experience of one’s body especially in meditation.

While meditating, it is suggested that you use the idea of placing music in the background. Nowadays, this practice has been a common sight to see in meditating areas. Meditation allows one to obtain relaxation. This is a very modern thought one can consider when he/she wants to perform meditation. There are many health practitioners have attested the positive benefits one can gain through music and meditation. Playing a relaxing music along with the practice of meditation may allow a person to encounter the healing arts. Music and meditation go beyond our senses and make us more alert and focus on the things that should be done.

Meditation is an ancient form of spiritual involvement. It allows one to practice relaxation. There are many forms of meditation. Among these are mindfulness meditation, breathe watching meditation, walking meditation, transcendental meditation and empty mind meditation. These different types spring from different sides of the world. The bottom line of all these meditation types is to provide inner peace with the person practicing it.

Music, on the other hand, produces pleasant feelings. This is why most people enjoy listening to it. It tells us different stories of life which may then let people reflect on certain experiences in past. It also lets us travel through a great distance without physically moving. These pleasant feelings will let us take a deeper look within us.

Here are some ways in involving music and meditation together.

  • Choose the music which you want to deal with. Select the best music that will provide you relaxation throughout the entire song. You may opt to select a number of songs.

  • Find your favorite CD which will showcase a great deal of inspiration to you. You may consider looking into new age music. However, you may stick with old songs if it is in your liking.

  • Play the music before meditation. Familiarize yourself with the beat of the sound. With this, you are expected to be familiar with the beat. There would be no surprises at the course or middle of the meditation practice. Do not forget to adjust the volume depending on the level of your comfort. It should not be too loud or too soft.

  • Sit down or lie in a position where you are comfortable into. Remember to stay in a position where you can stay for a long while. Place pillows in some places where you want to feel comfort. You may opt to sit and place your hands on your knees.

  • Breathe in a nice and slow manner. Remember that you are meditating to provide relaxation in your mind and body. With this, relax without anything in your mind. Let the music guide you in the way to find your inner peace.


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