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Kriya Yoga

One of the main contributions of Paramahansa Yogananda was spreading the awareness about Kriya Yoga. He was also able to introduce it to America in the 1920’s. For a very long time, it was actually kept as a secret. It was just re-introduced when Mahavatar Babaji asked his student to make it accessible to those the people who were interested.

Kriya Yoga is a mental exercise that is based both on breath and spinal cord movement. Basically, it attempts to unify both the breath and the soul of a person through breathing exercises. Kriya is derived from two words, kri and ya meaning “karma dhatu” and “soul” or “Atma,” respectively. Basically, Kriya implies action of the Soul, with the most important being the breath. Since yoga means “union,” Kriya Yoga is “the union of the individual soul with the Spirit.”

f you are interesting in learning Kriya Yoga, it is best to read through the basics first. For starters, your breath is the link between your mind and soul. The brain connects the mind to the sense organs, too. All the physical actions that you perform reflect in your sense organs through the spinal cord. While the brain connects your mind and sense organs, the mind is connected to the higher mind or the  “Chitta.” The Chitta is made up of 5 minds or 5 actions. They have 25 natures that all create 2 results each. These results are called Vrittis. So, this means that there are 50 inner and outer results all in all. The Chitta creates the vrittis straight from the Soul with breath.

nderstanding Kriya Yoga involves the understanding that the mind is always in motion. There are always inner and outer actions, which are all reflected in one’s breath. Agitated breath can imply fear, for example. The calmness of breath also manifests the calmness of the mind.

earning Kriya Yoga involves 6 stages, the First Kriya, followed by the Second, until the Sixth Kriya. The root of the First Kriya is the foundation the helps promote progress that comes from the spiritual path of followers. It enters the knowledge of the body, Soul, as well as the Chakras. The person receives the Second Kriya when he has mastered the First Kriya. Every time he masters a level, he moves on to the next one.

racticing breath control in each moment can help the individual achieve siddhi or perfection. When the life force gets to flow from top to bottom and from bottom to top, the chakras get to be touched by the life force. These involve the techniques of Pranam, which correspond to Yama, meaning to obtain inner control.

ll in all, Kriya Yoga takes a lot of research and practice to master. Learning it from the books will help anyone understand its true nature and history, including its objectives. As long as the person performs it with devotion and attention, he will be able to attain wisdom and peace. He will get to experience his creator along with his creations


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