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More on Christian Meditation

Prayer has become one of the most basic and most popular ways to talk to God. It is taught to Christians as early in life as possible. It is something that even kids would not have a hard time understanding. It is certainly one of the best ways for one person to communicate and become closer to Jesus. Another is Christian Meditation.

By now, meditation is already a common term. People who experience stress and too much negative emotions try to calm their minds by meditating. However, it is not just used for relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind. It is also used to connect to God. The Scriptures say that meditation has great power coming from three sources that all work together to bring people closer to God.

The first of the three sources is the Holy Spirit. This prayer requires one to express faith, which is the second source. The fact that you are praying would have to mean that you have faith. However, people have different degrees of faith. With the Christian meditation, there is a certain kind of faith that one must have. And with this faith, there should also be consistency. One must be committed enough to do the prayer every day. He must welcome the ways of the Spirit continuously. Otherwise, doing the Christian meditation would not really help one to achieve such.

People from all over the world practice different religions. It can be very easy to confuse them all especially Christian Meditation with practices of Hinduism. To be able to practice Christian Meditation, one must know how to read the Scripture properly so that the Holy Spirit can reveal what it intends people to realize.

Christians take the New Testament as the most important part of the Scripture. While it is still best to start with the Old Testament, it is also advisable to give attention to the gospels, including the letter, Acts, or Revelations. Meditating on the gospels may be different but it can help one come face to face with Jesus in a variety of ways, which would be considered as the principle benefit. People can easily get confused as they focus on it since meditating varies every day.

People also need to welcome the Sprit so that it can create balance in the graces one receives. This would mean that he must mix meditation periods on meditation gospels with letters of the New Testament and other periods.

One must also understand that the Spirit works in mysterious and different ways. People may not immediately realize it but when they do, it will come to them that these experiences are indeed real. They are blessings because they allow each and every one to live with guidance and peace.

Basically, a Christian Meditation is a prayer that helps one connect to God and reflect on his revelations. This is learning bible passages and their meanings in relation to the love of God. It also includes practice of the lessons learned, which precedes a better personal relationship with others and with God.


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