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Meditation Prayer

The word ‘Meditation’ is an approximate English expression for Indian words Yoga, Samadhi or Dhyan which are essentially spiritual exercises aimed at self evolution through the realization of God. Originally meditation had its origin in prayer. A deep state of prayer generated a wordless quietness, calmness, purity and bliss which was what meditation aimed at.  With prolonged practice, these gains from meditation became natural assets, propensities or ‘sanskars’ of the practitioner and accompanied him from one birth to another in the on-going process of spiritual evolution.

The Prayer

Meditation prayer can take any form depending upon one’s beliefs and religious or cultural background. What essentially matters is that the prayer should generate from the heart and should be addressed to the Supreme power. It should not contain demands for temporal gains of vicious nature as there is no end to such demands. A prayer is essentially a submission of the self to the Will of God. It eulogizes the virtues of God and seeks His blessings to empower the supplicant to abide by His Will. It is quite OK to say the prayers already said by the saints and sages. These great souls said prayers keeping in view the yearnings of the whole humanity.
It may start with His praise such as: You are the only One; yours is the only true name; you are the Creator of this world, fearless and impartial, immortal being, beyond birth and death; you are the immortal truth since the world came into being and will continue to be the only truth till eternity.

But sometimes the prayer can be very personal flowing forcefully from the deepest recesses of heart. It may be in form of thousands of yearnings to see his Divine face, touch his lotus hands in human form and bow the head in humble submission.

The genuine prayer may start with words and sentences which have limited implications and cannot completely express the true emotions and feelings, but when the prayer goes deeper and deeper or higher and higher, the words and sentences fade away into a kind of nothingness and the only feeling that emerges is one of divine peace and abiding bliss which one wishes should continue to stay for ever and ever.

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