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Meditation Commentary

To begin to learn to meditate, we need to learn to relax the mind, and the way we do this is through changing our thoughts and creating a positive flow in the mind.
To start with, sit in a comfortable position, and just feel yourself breathing in peace, and breathing out stress. Now start to focus in on creating a flow of thought and visualize it like a river of thought. Now visualize a beautiful river, flowing before you and you are sitting on the bank of a river, observing the flow of thought. Now in this river you can see and create thoughts that you wish to experience, but other thoughts will be chaotic thoughts flowing from your subconscious.

Now, as you’re watching this stream of thought, visualise yourself watching positive thoughts flowing by on the stream. Those thoughts are I am a peaceful being.

I am an embodiment of peace.

See these peaceful thoughts flowing in that stream.

Experience these peaceful thoughts flowing in your mind. Have the feeling of peace within, due to watching these peaceful thoughts. Now visualize this body of water as a body of energy, flowing past, that this energy is peace and I am filled with peace.

I experience peace of mind and this peaceful flowing energy is coming from deep within and now I see this peaceful imagery of thought flowing, and it’s so lovely and beautiful to experience.

So now this peaceful imagery, I feel myself emerged in this peace and I am being moved along by this peace, and as I sit and observe these peaceful flowing thoughts, I notice the ripples of other various negative and unnecessary thoughts in my mind. Sometimes these thoughts may upset me, but now I just observe these thoughts flowing by, like a wave. 

As the observer of this river of sometimes upsetting thoughts, I can now sit peacefully and watch these thoughts flowing by. But I don’t get trapped by them, or drowned in their unnecessary extensions.

Now I remain the peaceful observer of my thoughts, no longer adversely affected by the turbulence of negativity.

I refocus on this beautiful positive flow of peaceful thoughts and the peace and calm that comes through maintaining a steady, consistent flow of thought.

I am a peaceful being.

I have a peaceful mind. I am calm, relaxed, peaceful and I feel myself tapping into a part of myself that is real, positive and peaceful. I know now when turbulence strikes, I can regain this peace flow of energy by shifting my focus.

I will no longer be drowned in a torrent of peaceless thoughts and negative feelings, but I will experience sailing on the river of my positive and wonderful peaceful thoughts, and this river of peace that I glide upon keeps me in a state of calm towards all situations. I feel its peace, its gentle power, and I remain absorbed in this peace dwelling within me.

So now I sit as the observer again, and wonder at the process that I can control. By controlling my mind and thoughts I can be in control of my feelings and emotions. I, the peaceful, positive person, am empowering my life.

Again I visualize this river of thought flowing in my mind. Peaceful, glistening with positive energy, calming, realizing, rejuvenating, peaceful thought energy. I am the calm, deep being filled with peace. I attain peace of mind as I reconnect with my true self.

This peaceful flowing thought energy is my internal companion, and this positive resource is buried below and with this meditation I am tapping into this oasis of peace and inner power.
Through this flowing thought of peace, strength and positive thoughts, I am regaining my lost peace of mind so I can begin to create peace within and peace with others.

I am the peaceful, the calm, and the positive person.

My number one task in everything I do is to create and maintain these positive flowing thoughts, so that I can forever lie on this wonderful river of positive peaceful energy.

Whatever I do, wherever I am, I will remain focussed on creating and sustaining this beautiful, peaceful energy flowing current of thought and feelings, so that my future and present becomes like an ocean of peace.


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