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Meditation And Music

Many people love music.  It is a powerful thing that provides insurmountable joy and energy to the whole body as one listens to it.  It gives a certain kind of awareness to the listener.  Some use music to awaken the senses and also to meditate.

Using meditation and music is commonly done today.  This sprung from the finding out that meditation is not just for relaxation purposes.

Since several alternative health services being given today incorporate music while performing their practices or healing arts, it has created this kind of idea that music is a great accompaniment to meditation.  There are now types of music known as meditational or meditation music which is played in various spas and health clinics during a massage or spa session.  This is also played while one tries to meditate.

During the past, there was no music yet like the ones available today.  The natural sounds from the environment and the ambient noise in the background was enough.  Silence was even better.  It is because meditation serves not just to help a person relax but to make them more conscious about their bodies, their breathing, and themselves.  Though meditation music can help with the relaxation part, it is also likely that it will take away the focus of the person from the meditation.  It could be that the person will listen more to the music than to the way his body moves.  So it defeats the purpose.

Thus, those who are experts in meditation suggest not combining the mediation and music. The two should be done separately.  If you listen to music, do not meditate.  If you meditate, do not listen to music.  In this way, you are able to enjoy and to focus on one of them.

Music brings happiness to the soul.  It creates that pleasant feeling.  One listens to the tune and the melody and instantly, it captures something inside like a memory or an emotion.  It is a universal thing that even without understanding the lyrics, it can cross borders and bridge differences.  If you use it while you meditate, you might not be able to fully enjoy the things that it brings.  However, music in itself can become a form of meditation just by listening to it.  In fact, anything as long as it is done with full awareness can become richer, more satisfying, and become a form of meditation. 

To make music meditative, one should simply listen without doing anything else.  One can either sit down or lie on a flat surface and just be attentive to the sounds.  No reading, no working, just mere listening.  Try it and you will find it more satisfying.

There are still some who argue that mediation and music should be used together as long as the accompaniment used is the recording of natural sounds like a waterfall, a bird chirping, or the sound of insects early in the evening.  This lets the one meditating feel like they are outdoors where meditation in the past took place.

Nowadays, since most people live in concrete homes in far and developed cities, it becomes difficult to hear sounds of nature.  So in this case, it becomes acceptable to have such types of music which are less catchy to the ears.  They are less likely to distract those performing meditation and also bridges the gap between man and nature. Meditation and music is a perfect combination of achieving relaxation in both mind and body.



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