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Jesus Christ Meditation

There are many reasons why people meditate and accordingly there are various meditation techniques also. For some meditation may be about relaxation from a busy routine. For others it could be about gaining insight into the nature of reality and for some others it may be communion with God.

It is believed Jesus often left his apostles and the crowds to engage in long periods of dynamic-mind, spiritual meditation wherein he communicated with God. The 40 days following his baptism were spent in meditating.

Christian meditation finds mention in the Bible. However, it differs widely from Eastern meditation in that Christian meditation is a religious experience with a focus on getting close to Jesus.

Eastern meditation, on the other hand, is a very personal experience involving the use of repetitive activities such as deep breathing, humming or chanting to help induce a meditative state. Many have found meditation an effective way to improved health, concentration, awareness, self-discipline and equanimity.

Christian meditation is a powerful form of prayer in which the practitioners read and memorize a specific passage from the Scriptures be it the Old Testament, New Testament, or the gospels.

Christian meditation also focuses on faith and consistency. To have faith is to surrender yourself to God and His teachings and that is why the emphasis on the Scriptures.

People may not find meditation all that simple in the beginning because they will find their mind wandering away from the text. However, consistent practice will help them harness the mind and thoughts and gradually they will find develop greater connection with God.

To sum up, Christian meditation is akin to prayer and worship where in the practitioner turns spiritual thoughts over in the mind and engages the brain in higher thinking processes with the aim of getting close to Jesus.  


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