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Jesus and Meditation

Given that there are many different needs there are many approaches to prayer. But the greatest need perhaps is to be near Jesus. To be near Him, the best form of prayer is Christian meditation. Meditation is about relaxation for the mind, strength for the soul, and communion for the spirit.

Christian meditation is basically about meditation on Scripture and it is believed to have great power.

The power comes about from three sources, the Holy Spirit, faith and consistency. All these sources work together to bring us closer to Jesus.

The very act of prayer requires faith but the degree of faith that meditation demands can be very different from other forms of prayer. Christian meditation demands complete surrender to God and His Word.

To master the art of Christian meditation and get close to Jesus requires consistency or in other words, a daily commitment. This is because we have to become open to the way in which the Spirit works within us.

The Bible is pretty straightforward in terms of what is to be done while meditating. The first step requires reading Scripture in a particular way so that the Holy Spirit can reveal to the practitioners the nature and meaning of His Words.

For most people, the most important part of Scripture is the New Testament. However, we can also meditate on the Old Testament and on the gospels. However, it is meditation on the gospels which can bring us repeatedly face-to-face with Jesus.

The principle benefit of Christian meditation is to meet Jesus. Aside from this, meditation brings peace of mind and many blessings. Paul tells in 1 Corinthians 2:12 that we have not received the spirit of the world, but we have received the Spirit who is from God. Christian meditation brings us face to face with the Spirit that dwells within us.

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