How to do Christian Meditation

How to do Christian Meditation

Christian meditation has been highly encouraged in the Bible. Unlike eastern meditation, Christian meditation is a religious experience with a focus on God and His words. In other words, Christian meditation lays great emphasis on prayer and reading and finding peace and clarity in His preaching.

The Christian meditation is the lectio divina, which has been in practice since the fourth century AD. Meaning "sacred reading" this technique is divided into four stages comprising lectio (reading), meditatio (discursive meditation), oratio (affective prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation).

How to do Christian meditation

Here are some steps that can help you practice Christian meditation.

Read a particular passage of interest of the Bible deliberately, slowly and attentively.

Mediate on the passage, memorize it and let it resonate in your thoughts. Then, think how it relates to you personally and how it applies to you and your life.

Prayer and request God to open your eyes to the scripture you are mediating on.

Quieten your mind and think of nothing but God’s glorious presence.

If you find that your mind is wandering, consciously shift the focus back to the text. It goes without saying that meditation can be difficult at first. However, with practice the mind will gradually calm down and you will find it easier to meditate on God’s word.

Christian meditation may seem difficult at first but with constant practice you will be able to shift the focus from yourself and the world to God's Word, His nature, His abilities, and His works.

The simplicity of Christian meditation is in the act of being still in silence and solitude. This said, sometimes being quiet even for a few minutes can lead to minor anxiety attack. Then again, many of us can be afraid of what is lurking underneath the surface of our hearts. But remember, God is compassion and God is forgiveness and if you put your faith in Him, you will surely find Him.

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Be a light to others and you wont stumble on your own path. Meditation is a process of careful thought consideration.

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