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How the Pink Bubble Meditation Works

Even during idle moments, people can still be restless as they think about all the things that they have to do. They use mental imagery to evaluate the scenario or the big picture that they are in, including what the future may bring. While this may sound a lot like mental stress, the ability of the mind to visualize images can also be done to relax oneself. Many times, people also relax and comfort themselves by picturing things and places that calm their mind. This act also helps people evaluate the reality they are in so that they can review areas to improve on in their lives. Basically, it is this ability that plays a very big factor in how fulfilling one’s life could be. They also reflect on the ideal scenarios that could help them achieve success. In line with this thought, one can conclude that stress occurs depending on how a person views things.

A person who is loaded with work can feel stressed when he realizes that he has been working for 8 hours straight. But, a person who is determined to earn money to buy the things that he wants may probably be motivated. Sometimes, the way people see the situation they are in occurs naturally. However, what people forget is the fact they can always change it. A guided meditation can always help calm the mind so that it can relax and focus on things that can sooth one spiritually. One recommended meditation for this is the Pink Bubble Meditation.

The Pink Bubble Meditation is very helpful to people who are having a hard time with stress management. It is very easy to do and it will only take a few minutes although it always depends on the person who is performing it. It starts with the participant closing his eyes. He then takes deep sighs that will help him relax. It can be thought of as inhaling and exhaling deeply. Through this, the individual gets to be aware of his body and he will feel the areas where there is too much tension. As he breathes deeply, he must relax these areas especially the shoulders, neck, and forehead. Afterwards, he will slowly feel his entire body relaxing as well.

To continue with the Pink Bubble Meditation, the participant must then focus on his breathing. His mind should not think about anything else except for the air that goes in and out of his nostrils. Basically, it’s just like emulating a glass filled with pink bubbly champagne, which is obviously where the name of the mental exercise comes from.

It helps to imagine that the champagne is right in front. At this point, the participant then allows his thoughts to come out so that they can be taken away by the bubbles that float and disappear. This is the moment where problems at work and at home should be let go. It may be as simple as losing a belonging or as serious as the end of a relationship. There is no big and small problem here. As long as it brings hassle, stress, and worries, the pink bubbles can take them away so that the person can have peace of mind.


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