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How Music can Assist Meditation 

The word ‘Bhagwad Geeta’, the divine sermon delivered by Lord Krishna, translated into English stands for God’s Songs which by extension means that music is the language of God. If the aim of meditation is to enable the soul to rise and fly across the skies to realize God, then meditation music provides wings to the soul for the flight.

Meditation music creates a mental and emotional environment which is conducive to meditation by virtue of its divine serenity. It helps the distracted mind to get focused. It relaxes the taut nerves and creates mood, a disposition to concentrate and meditate. In India, the land of origin of Yoga or meditation, many great saints delivered their sermons through poetry and music. There are hymns and psalms in Christianity and even the Muslim Sufi saints have sung the praises of God in melodious musical verses. Meditation music inspires the love of God. It transports the spirit into realms of divine peace, tranquility and bliss. Meditation music has been around since people became aware of God and sought divine experience by remembering him.

Meditation music can help everyone to meditate irrespective of the person’s religious or cultural background. It is always advisable to start and end the day by listening to meditation music. Not only that, you can listen to meditation music whenever you feel tense and want relief.

Meditation music silences the noise inside your mind. It inspires and elevates your consciousness. Music is the universal language of man. Such is the appeal of music that it is not necessary to understand the language of a country or community to understand its music. The real music goes straight to the heart, moves, inspires and soothes it. It sensitizes even the most obtuse spirits. It provides a heart to heart communication without even the need of intelligible words. Music facilitates and speeds up the process of meditation. It integrates the diverse communities, cultures and faiths by using its language of heart and soul.

Meditation music can significantly enrich your meditation experience and enhance the meditation sessions. The gentle, lilting and mellifluous sounds and rhythms emanating from the music player can lead the listener to a path of peace, bliss and relaxation.


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