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How Does Christian Meditation Help You?

It can be found in the bible that it is necessary to meditate. Christian meditation does not lift only uplift one's emotional state but also deliver positive physical effects. Joshua 1:8 tells us that God influences us to meditate day and night through His word. In fact, the words meditate and meditation were mention for almost 20 times.

Christian meditation is defined as a form of prayer that attempts to connect one's self upon the word of God. The prayer is structured in such a way that the person under meditation reflects the teachings of God in a serene way. The word meditation comes from Meditare, a Latin word which means to contemplate. Focusing one's thought on a specific topic is one's stepping stone in attaining proper meditation. A good topic may revolve around the life of Christ and parables stated in the bible. Knowing the context of the bible which revolves around His love may greatly help.

Since the fourth century AD, Christian meditation has been a ritual essential for every believer. Lectio Divina, was one of the popular Christian meditation used by monastic religious orders. Until now, there are still few people that utilize this form. Its resurgence in today's time still guarantees one that meditation is at hand. Lectio Divina means "sacred reading".

Its four stages are as follows:

Lectio (reading)
Meditatio (discursive meditation)
Oratio (affective prayer)
Contemplatio (contemplation)

Lectio stage centers at finding a passage and keenly reading it. One must be able to know the fruitful teachings entailed in the passage. Meditatio follows where the reader can reflect his life with the passage. Oratio deals with talking to God in response to the passage read. Here, the person under meditation may ask God about the truth he/she is asking for. Finally, Contemplatio stage allows one to practice rest with the help of the Lord.

There are a couple of approaches to meditation. A number of saints and historical figures popularized different meditation techniques. St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of Jesuits, formulated numerous meditative exercises. His exercises focus on having a spiritual director leading his companions to a well transpired meditation. St. Teresa of Avila, on the other hand, is known as a Doctor of the church. Her way of meditation revolves around specific prayers. She used the teachings of St. Augustine in formulating the instructions that guide meditation. St. Francis de Sales used four parts approach similar to Lectio Divina stated above.

Christian Meditation is helpful in improving one's context in life. Meditating at least three times a day is highly suggested since it can refresh our minds bombarded with stresses in work, school and family. God's word is a great tool for meditation. Before we fall asleep, it is nice to be in laid back form, only remembering the goodness of God through the scriptures we just read. Positive energies are the ones that should only exist. One needs to remember that in meditation we must only acknowledge the following things, true, honorable, righteous, pure, lovely, reputable and worthy of praise.

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