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Freeing Yourself from Worries with Waves of Light Meditation

Meditating is one the simplest ways to relax your mind and body. Basically, you can do it anytime as long as the environment is quiet. Forget activities that cost a lot. Meditating is free. Moreover, there are different kinds of meditations to choose from. While they all work toward a general goal, they have specific focuses that entail different sets of instructions and positions.

The Waves of Light Meditation is quite simple. You can begin by finding a quiet room or area where there is no distraction in any way. It must be a place where you believe you can feel at peace with yourself, a place where you can forget the world outside so that you can focus on yourself first. It can simply be your bedroom or a clean part of your house. It can also be outside the house as long as it is far away from the noise of the city.

Once you’ve found that perfect spot, you can sit down any way you want to. What is important here is that you are relaxed and comfortable. As long as your mind is at ease, then your position is fine.

At this point, your eyes must be closed already. Start by taking a deep breath. Hold it as you tense the muscles in your body. You can release the tension as you exhale. Do this again and again, preferably up to three times. You will notice that as you take your third breath, your muscles are becoming more relaxed, too. You can visualize it being saturated with a while light as you release the tension. It is advisable to start tensing the muscles from the toes going up to the head. You should also pay attention to your chest or your Heart, shoulders, and jaw. Do not forget the muscles in your face, too. If you hear any noise or sound, make sure that you don’t pay any attention to it.

When you feel like your whole body is relaxed already, try to visualize the bright light soaking your body and forming waves that move from your head down to your toes. These may be small waves that will eventually get bigger until it reaches the size and intensity that you want.

At this point, you can start thinking about your worries, problems, and other negative thoughts. Think of them as black clouds. Imagine the white light washing them away. You will feel the healing energy taking away all these negativities so that you can be cleansed by the light waves. Eventually, the black clouds will be gone and the white light will be calm, too. Just think of it as a serene and calm pond.

This visualization will help you relax and rest your mind. You will feel the calmness and serenity of the wave of light since your mind is now free from all the worries and problems that you’ve been having for the past few days or weeks.

When you are finished with the meditation, you can start noticing your surroundings once again. Open your eyes and you will feel the difference and lightness that the meditation has brought.


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