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Christian Meditation Prayer

Life cannot solely exist without the help of prayers. Highly distinguishable people of the church influence people to use prayers as their guide in becoming a better person in the near future. Similarities were found in different Christian prayer traditions in all parts of the world. May it be from the east or west, prayers determine the association of believers in Catholicism. Jesus is set as the center of this prayer tradition. Thus, both eastern and western roots work hand in hand in creating the path leading to His word.

Centering prayer is a common meditation technique used by individuals who recite a formula in repetition for practice. The said formula is said to work in sacredness with the divine word found in bible gospels. This technique is a silent form of prayer. Thus, one can say that centering prayer puts aside itself with the conventional spoken prayers like The Lord's prayer and Hail Mary. Practicing centering prayers in orders the mind to focus on God's presence. Mind activity must be in a state that experiences the goodness brought by the said love.

Centering Prayer can be listed in four steps. These four steps define what a centering prayer is.

  • Using a sacred word or words that pertain the Lord like "Jesus", "Yahweh" and "Shalom"
  • Sit in tranquility, eyes closed and commence reciting the sacred word chosen in the first step
  • When other thoughts come unexpectedly, remember to just focus on the chosen sacred word. Block other things out that may hinder you to meditate properly.
  • Observing silence is a must. At the end of the process, a little longer silence can be utilized to keep one's cool. Breathing must be executed in such a way that only positive vibes flow through the person mind.

Remember that keeping other thoughts away from your mind may help you focus. Thus, any other unnecessary feelings and/or sensations will not arise. Just return to the sacred word or phrase you chose. One may opt to persistently think about the chosen word. However, taking note that roughly remembering the sacred word is not the way to go. In a gentle manner, think about it. Remember that a silent environment is the key in achieving optimum meditation. The last few steps will deal with having the meditating person's eyes closed and casual breathing.

Christian Meditation prayer is a great approach to meditation. Centering prayer is one great technique. It falls on the form of Contemplative prayer. Calming and concentrating one's self seeks development in his/her awareness of the Divine. A German man once said, "To be empty of things is to be full of God." This quote is considered true in meditation. More often than not, a prayer thought of is powerful than a prayer spoken. In Christian Meditation prayer, one does not need to refer and speak bible texts aloud. All he needs to do is seek the peacefulness of his mind and experience God's love in plain but effective way.

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