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Vipassana Bhavana Meditation

'Vipassana bhavana meditation' is realization of the three signs of being, 'anicca', 'dukkha', and 'anatta', by direct insight. These three characteristics, impermanence, suffering and non-self, can be grasped intellectually, as scientific and philosophical truth, but this is not in itself sufficient to rid the mind of egoism and craving.

The philosopher who fails to live according to his philosophy is the most familiar example of this incompatibility between theory and practice. When the direct perception is obtained, however, what was at its highest intellectual level still merely a theory becomes actual knowledge, in precisely the same way that we "know" when we are hot or cold hungry or thirsty. The mind that has attained it is established in the Dhamma, and 'panna', wisdom, has taken the place of delusion.




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