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Anapana Sati meditation

A universally-applicable methods of cultivating mental concentration is attentiveness on the in-going and out-going breath.

The breath is merely used as a point on which to fix the attention, at the tip of the nostrils. The attention must not wander, even to follow the breath.

In the initial stages it is advisable to mark the respiration by counting, but as soon as it is possible to keep the mind fixed without this artificial aid, it should be discontinued and only used when it is necessary to recall the attention.

A stage is reached when the actual bodily sensation of arising and passing away of the physical elements in the body, is felt.

It is the first direct experience of the suffering which is inherent in all phenomena -- the realization within oneself of the first of the Four Noble Truths, When that is passed there follows the sensation of 'piti', rapturous joy associated with the physical body.

The teacher of 'vipassana', however, is careful never to describe to his pupil beforehand what he is likely to experience, for if he does so, there is a strong possibility that the power of suggestion will produce a false reaction.


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