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Anger Management: Techniques to Calm Down

Anger management is one of the many methods used in psychotherapy to address issues which could lead to uncontrollable rage and much worse scenarios. Being angry for instance is a normal or natural emotion. Anyone could experience the intense emotion of getting annoyed or peeved to something or someone. There are instances when a person could get angry from the pettiest to the most major triggering situations. You could lose your phone and get really annoyed. When your kid throws a tantrum and you get all stressed out, you have the tendency to get furious. When co-workers or bosses get too much to handle at work, you get angry.

Being angry only becomes a problem when this emotion is already interfering with and changing your life. It is not a bad thing to be angry per se but it could lead to negativity in life especially if it already becomes a habit. Hence, the best thing to do is to handle your anger and deal with it through healthy and positive means. Some people have the psychological makeup to do this, while others still need professional help. That is why there are therapists working with those who are grappling with their tendency of being furious and not being able to control it. Managing your anger helps you maintain and develop good relationships from your family to your workplace and social life.

Anger management comes in different techniques and methods. The starting point of dealing and coping with this emotion is through rating it. Therapists would ask you how you would rate your being angry, like for instance, in a scale of 1 to 10.  Why is this necessary? The first step of handling and controlling your anger is through awareness. You battle with your anger and try to tame it with two eyes wide open. You know exactly when you are angry and you have the edge to control it. Relaxation technique is another method used once you are aware and know your feelings. There are various ways of doing the relaxation technique.

Calming down and taming that monstrous feeling of being furious is effectively done through meditation and relaxation. It depends on the therapist what method he would use on your case. However, the basic relaxation and meditation approach starts with a simple breathing exercise. Quieting down one self is quite difficult but if you learn how to master the silence and calm your thoughts, this is where calmness and serenity springs out. Aside from focused and deep breathing, other exercises include visualization and guided practice. Oftentimes, clients are asked to just listen to calming music for peaceful and serene disposition.

Both clients and therapists work together during anger management sessions. Those grappling with this intense emotional dilemma are even asked to list down their coping mechanisms. It helps that they are the ones who determine the ways and means to solve their problems. How much you invest on the process of healing spells the result of the process. Anger-free life means better and happier relationships and better outlook.


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