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About Meditation

Meditation is a form of relaxation which helps one to alleviate the stresses experienced by his/her mind. This involves, using your mind to acquire positive emotions and quit the negative vibes that can flow in your mind. With this, you must know more about meditation. It is easy and fun to try out. However, before trying meditation, you must first review the types of meditation available for you. Given below are some types of meditation that have been used for quite some time now. With this, you must gain the insight that meditation is like a large umbrella which contains many elements under it. Along with the types are some relaxation techniques utilized with such meditation components. One should remember that the main goal of meditating is achieving inner peace and self confidence.


Mantra meditation is a type of meditation which uses words repetitively. With this, you are to recite a certain phrase or word that can calm your senses and prevent distracting thoughts from flowing in your mind. This word must be calming enough to let your mind stay at peace all the time.


Guided meditation is also known as guided imagery it helps you meditate through the use of mental images. These images can be in a form of place, person or things. These mental images should be able to relax you. It also allows you to use your senses effectively. With this, you are off to use your other senses (touch, smell, hearing and taste) with just the use of your sense of sight. These images should guide you in learning certain sounds, textures and smells with just the use of your eyes.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of Chinese Martial arts which aims one to perform a series of posture that can help one’s breathing to have a better pattern. These postures are to be done gracefully given that the breathing patterns go along well with it. Tai chi aims one to let the gentleness of Chinese Martial art calm one’s emotional well-being.


Transcendental meditation is like mantra meditation which allows one to broadcast words repetitively for a one to achieve calmness in every situation they partake into. It allows one to narrow his/her consciousness. It lets one eliminate negative thoughts in mind. With this, one can stay focused in achieving a perfect state of stillness through the help of his/her consciousness.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a type of meditation which combines meditation and relaxation into a complex physical movement. The physical movements allow one to exercise and perform different breathing patterns essential in achieving a great state of mind. Qi gong is also a term for traditional Chinese medicine. It helps one maintain the balance in life.


Yoga is a type of meditation which uses a series of controlled breathing exercises. It allows one to change postures from time to time challenging one’s vitality and balance. It allows the meditation practitioner to concentrate in order to improve his/her focus. With constant practice one can achieve the state of awareness he/she is aiming for.



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